Red & Meth – Blackout 2

Wasn’t sure what to make the 1st post of DatsDatShit, but that decision sort of made itself tonight.

On some Roll That Shit, Light That Shit, Smoke It...

On some Roll That Shit, Light That Shit, Smoke It...

YeeeaaaHHH.  10 Years in the making right here.  America’s Most Blunted are back at it after a way too long break, and from the sound of things they may still be high.

One time through, Red & Meth do not disappoint, and although they may have lost a step or two in the game they still have the flow, lyrics and charisma that made them what they are to hip-hop.  Plus they can make a weed anthem with the best of them.  On the whole a solid and enjoyable album.  My biggest problem would, as always, be the commercial reaches that fall short (as always).  Redman even hits up the vocoder a few scattered times throughout.  Fuck the labels (or maybe it was the weed).

01. BO2 (Intro)

02. I’m Dope Nigga

03. A-Yo (Featuring Saukrates)

04. Dangerous Mcees

05. Errbody Scream (Featuring Keith Murray)

06. Hey Zulu

07. City Lights (Featuring Bun B)

08. Father’s Day

09. Mrs. International (Skit) (Featuring Tanisha Green, Michelle Pinckney And Saukrates)

10. Mrs. International (Featuring Erick Sermon)

11. How Bout Dat (Featuring Ready Roc And Streetlife)

12. Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers

13. Lock Down (Skit) (Featuring DJ Kayslay, C.O Ellis, Reggie Noble And Ready Roc)

14. Four Minutes To Lock Down (Featuring Raekwon And Ghostface Killah)

15. Neva Herd Dis B4

16. I Know Sumptn (Featuring Poo Bear)

17. A Lil’ Bit (Featuring Melanie Rutherford)

Oh and How High is one of the best blazed comedy movies of All Time (Get Em’!).  While we’re throwing out sequels, why not How High 2?


~ by espozita on May 14, 2009.

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